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Cookies Policy

We use cookies on in order to help improve yours and others overall experience and make sure you are shown the right content at the right time.

So what is a cookie exactly?

A cookie is a small text file that is saved to the browser from the website you are viewing. It has many uses and can help display videos correctly, improve site performance, and help with sharing across social networks.

Information stored in cookies is usually anonymous and holds no personal information about yourself. You can of course change your cookies settings or disable cookies completely if you so wish but remember that this site won’t function optimally if you do the latter.

So why do we use them?

It’s pretty simple, we use them to provide a better experience for our users like you. This includes the use of performance cookies to help with faster page load times, and allow us to find out which pages are the most or least popular with our visitors to help improve the overall sites direction.

When you accept the use of cookies we may also store the country that you are viewing TrueNorthSlots from. This helps us deliver better targeted content that is applicable in your country, which can help save you time hunting around the site.

Third party cookies explained

A third party cookie is one that is set from a different site when visiting our site or when clicking on a link from a site. In this case when we show videos embedded from YouTube, they may store session cookies which help with the display and overall performance of the video on page.

Others include Social Media, Google Analytics and Affiliate Marketing.

Here’s a breakdown of what you might find:

How to manage your cookies

We have a set of strictly necessary, functional and tracking cookies which are needed to help the site display correctly and run faster, along with being able for us to identify areas of improvement.

You can either choose to accept or stop the tracking cookies by clicking the button below, however if you do so know that it will hinder our abilities to improve our site for our users, including you. By turning tracking on you are accepting the terms of our privacy policy and this cookies policy.

Turn Tracking Off
Turn Tracking On

In order to manage various cookies from different sites you always have the option to navigate to your browsers settings an change, disable or remove them from there.

We’ve put together a helpful list of links in most common browsers to help you achieve this:

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