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Sea Hunter Slot Review


A classic 3 reel slot that has more bonus features the more you win.

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Play'n GO
  • Min Bet: 0.05
  • Reels: 3 Reels
  • Paylines: 5
  • Free Games: Yes

The Sea Hunter slot online may only have 3 reels, but it anything but a classic slot machine.

With a name like Sea Hunter, we figured that we would be some dude diving under the sea, trying to score some awesome catches for us to cook up on the grill back home.

Alas, no. It is nothing more than a catchy name with a gun on the side to insinuate some deep diving. That said, if you are looking for an awesome slot to play, then this Play’n GO game may be right up your street.

It’s right on the list next to the great Big Win Cat game and Route 777 by Elk.

This is a beautiful looking Play’n GO slot

It is basic, but it looks stunning. In this game, you are of course, under the sea.

Various undersea creatures form the symbols on the reels, and they are very well-detailed. The interface is exceedingly clean.

The soundtrack to this Sea Hunter online slot is a little on the repetitive side, but that is OK. It is something that we have come to expect from slots.

The actual storyline, we are unsure about. It seems as if the game is set in some underwater lab. Every so often (and we will talk about this soon), little ray guns come in and shoot the poor little fishes, doing all sorts of weird things for them.

Well, weird for them, good for us as they give you a ton of cash prizes. Still, it’s not so much “Sea Hunter” as shooting fish in a barrel.

The one concern that we have about this casino slot is that despite it not being one of the most graphically intensive slots in the world, it can take ages to load especially at mobile casinos – an issue with recent Play’n GO slot machines.

Game Stats & Details

  • No Reels: 3 Reels
  • Paylines: 5
  • Min Bet: 0.05
  • Max Bet: 100
  • Free Spins: Yes
  • Wilds: 4
  • Volatility: high
  • Software: Play'n GO
  • Slot Type: Classic
  • Slot RTP: 96.63%
  • Mobile Slot: Yes
  • Online: Yes

About that Sea Hunter slot Ray Gun

There is, technically, only a single feature in this underwater themed game. Just one. It occurs only in the base game too. This means that, hopefully, you are going to be seeing it a lot.

As mentioned before; there is a little ray gun that will shoot the animals. When you load up the slot, you will see the ray gun next to the three reels.

You will also see that there are little progress marks on it. When you get a win, one of the lights on the gun will light up. If you lose, then the gun is reset.

This means that you need to get consecutive wins in order to trigger this feature. The good news is that the gun will not reset on a free spin if you lose, but it will increase.

Every win gives you bigger better wins;

  • Growth Gun: awarded after 2 consecutive wins. One of the symbols on the reels will be upgraded.
  • Sticky Shot: comes after 4 consecutive wins. All matching symbols become sticky (including wilds) and you get a free spin.
  • Wild Warhead: after 5 consecutive wins. Between 1 and 3 wilds will be added to the reels.
  • Multiply Mortar: after 6 consecutive wins. This gives you a guaranteed win. It will then multiply your win by anything up to 15x.

The problem with this slot is that you are unlikely to trigger that many consecutive wins. You will likely cap out at four, most of the time.

If you think that you are going to get six consecutive wins easily, then you have another thing coming.

It happens, but don’t expect it often. That being said, we get why it is difficult to trigger that Multiply Mortar. If it wasn’t, the mobile and online casinos would be losing money; but we suppose that’s the goal.

Would we recommend this Play’n GO game?

That being said, the game does like to tease you. You will have a few one-off wins on occasion.

Not enough to hit that Growth Gun feature often, but enough to put a smile on your face, especially when the free spins come around.

Sure. The feature is engaging, even if you have to do nothing more than click and spin, but you can say that about the all-time greats like Avalon and the Isis game.

This Sea Hunter slot is awesome when it comes to graphics and there’s some great chain reaction of wins to catch.

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By TrueNorthSlots | Updated: May 9th 2018 | Rating 4.8