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Lost Vegas Slot Review


Las Vegas is Lost to the undead. Are you up for a snack or for escaping?

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  • Min Bet: 0.30
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 243 Ways To Win
  • Free Games: Yes

If you love your 5 reel games, then you will love this Lost Vegas online slot because it is essentially two slot machines rolled into one.

Question is; are you going to take on the role of the zombies or the survivors?

As mentioned this Lost Vegas slot is two different games in one. One version is based upon survivors escaping Las Vegas. The other sees you play as zombies who fancy a little bit of a snack (apparently the $1 lobster dinners were not good enough).

Each of the versions has slightly different bonus features and looks a bit different. It does provide a unique play experience, even if, in our opinion, one of the versions is a little better than the other.

The aesthetics of this Lost Vegas slot are decent

They are not something you are going to be writing home about. They are just decent.

It is your basic 243 ways to win slot with some decently-drawn images. You can’t really blame Microgaming for having a slot which doesn’t always match the beauty of games like Immortal Romance or Playboy Gold machine.

They were very limited in their design options since they had to make two different games work together. The soundtrack is catchy, at least.

One thing that is remarkable about the Lost Vegas video slot is that this is not just a re-skinned slot. A lot of effort has gone into ensuring that the features in this Microgaming game plays into the overall theme. So, you get zombie breakouts, blackouts, and zombie infections.

Your first choice when you boot up this slot on mobile or online is whether you wish to take on the role of a survivor or a zombie.

It is a huge decision as this will influence how much fun you have and how much cash you can make. It won’t influence the base game. All that happens is that the symbols will be different (humans or zombies), but the value of each is the same.

It is the bonus round where your choices are going to be taken into account.

Game Stats & Details

  • No Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 243 Ways To Win
  • Min Bet: 0.30
  • Max Bet: 45
  • Free Spins: Yes
  • Wilds: 5
  • Pick Me Bonus: 2
  • Volatility: medium
  • Software: Microgaming
  • Slot Type: Video
  • Slot RTP: 95% to 94%
  • Mobile Slot: Yes
  • Online: Yes

Who will you choose in the battle for Vegas?

There are two features which can occur randomly during gameplay:

  • Zombie Fist of Cash: A random zombie will pop up and give you a cash bonus. Small amounts, but it does add up with how frequent this feature tends to be.
  • Blackout Bonus: the screen will turn black. High paying symbols will be lit up and you will get a cash prize for each of them.

The free spins mode will be dictated by whether you are playing as a survivor or a zombie.

In our experience, the zombie game mode tends to be the more lucrative of the two free spins modes, but both have their pros and cons.

You can win the same amount on each, to be fair, but we just found one to be more generous more often than the other.

The Lost Vegas slot free spins are where you’ll find the big wins

As with many other slots online, you will trigger the bonus round by getting at least three bonus symbols. In theory, the number of spins that you can get is unlimited, but in practice you know you’ll be playing around 8 to 15 spins on average.

With Survivor Free Spins each time one of the low paying symbols appear on the reels (A to 10) you will get a cash prize.

This symbol will then be removed from the game. Eventually, you will have only high paying symbols left. The free spins mode will end when you run out of the low paying symbols.

With Zombie Free Spins, the zombie outbreak is in control. Every time a zombie stacked symbol fills up a reel, that reel will become infected. This will leave the reel as a stacked wild reel.

The mode will end when all five reels have become infected. You can really rack up the wins here.

Should you sacrifice yourself to the zombie hordes?

Play it! The bonus rounds in Lost Vegas are surprisingly fun.

We love the whole zombie theme, plus the unique take on how the free spins have been implemented.

We wish that there was ‘more’ to the graphics than just a couple of symbols on the reels, but if you get bored of the theme then whack that button and switch it up.

Or, you know, try It Came From Venus by Betsoft. There’s plenty of B-horror to go around.

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By TrueNorthSlots | Updated: Apr 15th 2018 | Rating 3.8