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Jungle Books Slot Review


A Yggdrasil slot game that changes constantly, you’ll be playing 5 slots in one.

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  • Min Bet: 0.50
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 60
  • Free Games: No

The Jungle Books slot, from Yggdrasil, tackles the bonus rounds in a unique way. In fact, the bonus round in this five reel video slot is so unique that we doubt that even the highest rollers out there will be able to experience every unique combination.

But first, can you guess what this is based around?

Yep. The classic book from Rudyard Kipling. Now, whether it is a rights issue or not, we don’t know, but they never actually make it clear, technically, what this casino game is based on.

All the famous characters from the book make an appearance in the game, but none of them are actually given the name of their character.

We can’t imagine that they would be getting around most copyright lawyers, simply because the game is so obviously themed around the book, and if we were being really honest, around the Disney Jungle Book film.

But we suppose Yggdrasil Gaming know what they are doing here?

This Jungle Books slot is beautiful

It is one of the best-looking slots to ever come from Yggdrasil. This is really saying something too. This is a company which knows how to create some stunning-looking slot games – just look at the Gem Rocks slot or Vikings Go Wild game.

In theory, it is five slots rolled into one. The game changes on occasion, as does the overall look of the slot. More on that in the next section, though.

Basically, the team of designers have put a lot of effort into ensuring that this Jungle Books video slot looks amazing and pack in 68/58 paylines over 5 reels, but make it look effortless.

45 different combinations of bonus features

Now, there is no ‘bonus round’ as such in this 60 payline, jungle themed slot. All the bonus occurs in the base game.

When you are playing, you will notice that the game will change on occasion. It does this completely randomly.

You may go a couple of spins and then see a switch, or you may have fifty or sixty spins and see nothing.

Each of these changes will take you into something known as a different ‘realm’. Each realm will have a different character representing it.

With those characters comes some awesome bonuses feature like few other slots online or on mobile.

Game Stats & Details

  • No Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 60
  • Min Bet: 0.50
  • Max Bet: 100
  • Wilds: 9
  • Volatility: medium
  • Software: Yggdrasil
  • Slot Type: Video
  • Slot RTP: 96.1%
  • Mobile Slot: Yes
  • Online: Yes

How the Jungle Books slot features work:

There will always be two features active when you enter a new realm:

  • The Bear: extra honeycomb bonus symbols will be added to the reels. These will give you a cash bonus. This will be in addition to a single symbol which will become stacked on each spin.
  • The Boy: adjacent reels which are the same height will synchronize. Whenever you get a growing wild (basically an expanding wild), it will add some extra wilds to the reels.
  • The Snake: win both ways. All wilds also have a 3x multiplier.
  • The Tiger: any symbols which score you a win will remain sticky. You will then get a free re-spin with a stack of wilds added to the tallest reels.
  • The Panther: the highest paying symbol in the game will act as a second wild. There will also be a random multiplier attached to a win. It could be 2x, 3x, or 5x.

If this was not enough, when you are playing, random characters may make a guest appearance.

They will add one of their features to the reels for a few spins. This means you will have 3 features active instead of 2.

It’s more than you get in any bonus heavy games, and that includes the grid slots like Sweet Alchemy or Gemix.

This Game Changes Constantly

It is worth noting that the number of paylines available at once will change.

Each realm has a slightly different reel combination. The snake and the panther both offer 68 paylines, whereas the other 3 will only have 58 paylines active.

And whilst that might sound complicated, it’s one of the many reasons we would recommend it.

This Jungle Books slot online or mobile is imaginative and a tremendous amount of fun to play. You never feel like you are playing the same game twice.

The wins do come in a little bit slow, so you will need to keep an eye on your bank balance, but this is a casino game which is worth spending your cash on.

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By TrueNorthSlots | Updated: May 19th 2018 | Rating 4.7