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Hong Kong Tower Slot Review


Climb the tower to discover the three wheels that will bring you fortune and riches.

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11 Free Spins + 100% up to CA$200 + CA$10 Free
  • Min Bet: 0.20
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 99
  • Free Games: No

Time to head to the Pearl of the Orient for great riches, as this simple Hong Kong Tower slot dares you to love the biggest wheels.

Elk Studios are a company that have consistently pumped out good online slots. Well, in recent years at least. Some of the earlier games were awful, but the latest ones have definitely been worth playing.

The Hong Kong Tower slot came out in April 2017, and it is regarded as one of the better slots they have produced. We put it to the test.

If there is one thing that Elk can do well, it is putting out a game that looks great. Even those early games which had awful gameplay tended to look good. Hong Kong Tower is easily one of the best-looking slots in a while.

A cityscape set over 5 reels and with 99 paylines

As you can probably tell from the name, the game is set in Hong Kong…in a tower, incidentally. You are taken to the five reels after a highly cinematic introduction, which was rather pointless in the grand scheme of things.

It does try to set the tone for this casino game, though, which is awesome!

The symbols in the game are beautiful. They try to capture the culture from that part of the world. Think along the lines of beautiful flowers, gorgeous trees, and diamonds…apparently. The music really helps to set the scene.

Not exactly sure how this all plays into the tower thing, but it seems to work.

Elk Studios change the rules a little

When Hong Kong Tower first came out, a lot of people were critical of it. This is because Elk really tried to shake up the formula for their slots.

One of the first things you will notice when you dive into Hong Kong Tower for the first time is that there are no free spins bonus games.

You do have some bonus features, but this is one of only a few slots from Elk which does not contain any sort of free spins mode, so it did feel weird initially. Even their Wild Toro slot had re-spins.

Not only this, but the house edge in Hong Kong Tower is actually higher than a few of the other slots from Elk, as is the volatility. It didn’t get off to a great start. Thankfully, the game is greater than many of the initial critics let on.

Game Stats & Details

  • No Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 99
  • Min Bet: 0.20
  • Max Bet: 100
  • Pick Me Bonus: 2
  • Volatility: high
  • Software: Elk
  • Slot Type: Video
  • Slot RTP: 96.3%
  • Mobile Slot: Yes
  • Online: Yes

The high-paying Wheel of Fortune slot feature

Our favourite feature that occurs in HKT is the mystery symbols feature.

Whenever this appears on the reels (it is stacked), the symbols will change into something different. They can then form winning combinations.

In some cases, this feature may trigger something known as the Ying Yang Bonus (you may be familiar with this if you have played other Elk slots). It gives you two extra lives on the other bonus feature of the game, which we will come onto now.

The bonus round is a simple wheel spinning game. It is triggered by collecting Ying Yang Scatters. You get a certain number of lives when you play this game, the more lives, the bigger the wins you’ll collect.

The idea is that you will progress through three different reels. You spin one. If you land on a cash prize, you get a cash prize. If you land on the same cash prize again, you lose a life. You can also land on a mark which will take you to the next wheel.

At the minimum, you are guaranteed at least two cash prizes whenever this feature is triggered.

Is this Hong Kong Tower slot worth playing?

For the looks, absolutely. It is a great slot. However, you have to weigh up whether you really need those free spins.

There are other slots from Elk which offer you the similar features that Hong Kong Tower does, but it throws in free spins for good measure.

These may be a better bet for you, particularly if you prefer a variety of action and bonuses.

That said, there is something wonderfully simple and easy about this casino slot that keeps us coming back time and again – possibly to catch that big prize at the top of the building.

If you enjoy it, you should also check out the Ho Ho Tower game which is almost identical except it’s got higher prizes on offer.

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By TrueNorthSlots | Updated: May 1st 2018 | Rating 4.1