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Halloween Slot Review


An almost perfect horror themed slot that will make you nostalgic for those terrifyingly good wins.

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  • Min Bet: 0.50
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 50
  • Free Games: Yes

Head back to 1978 where Michael Myers still is the scariest thing in this Halloween slot.

We wouldn’t necessarily make the same claim that many other slot reviewers are making about the Halloween movie game. They call it terrifying. Slots are never really terrifying.

The only time we have ever jumped at a slot is when we worked out we were blowing through our bankroll a little bit too quickly.

That being said, this Halloween online slot does a great job at replicating that creepy atmosphere of the movie.

Horror movies were good in the 70s and 80s. This era created cultural hits such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween. It then destroyed these hits by releasing umpteen sequels, but that is by the by.

Microgaming slot studios are putting in the effort to bring to the screen what made these horror classics, classics.

You have the music. You have the characters. You have the setting; it is eerie. We are actually surprised at just how well Microgaming have replicated the whole movie theme.

If you love the movie, then you will love this Horror slot. If you didn’t love the movie, then it may not be for you.

Some of the features are amazing, but they do tie heavily into the movie (again, great theming, not so great for people who didn’t love Halloween)

Terrifyingly good wandering reels

We love the fact that Microgaming have not taken a lazy approach to the creation of the Halloween slot. They have gone to huge lengths to ensure that the game ties into the movie. This is no theme slapped on top of a popular game. It has been created from the ground-up to be based on this film.

One feature which may take a while to wrap your head around if you are new to the whole slot machine world comes in the form of Wandering Reels.

When you load up Halloween for the first time, you will notice that not all of the reels are the same size. At least three of the reels will be one symbol higher. These reels will change around on each spin, but you’ll always have a 50 paylines slot.

On these wandering reels, the character symbols can be stacked. All it takes is filling up a whole reel with one of these characters to get a whopping amount of cash back.

You don’t need to get them on a full payline. This is a feature which seems to pay out often enough that even the low bankroll players should benefit enough to keep on spinning.

Game Stats & Details

  • No Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 50
  • Min Bet: 0.50
  • Max Bet: 200
  • Free Spins: Yes
  • Wilds: 8
  • Pick Me Bonus: 4
  • Volatility: medium/high
  • Software: Microgaming
  • Slot Type: Video
  • Slot RTP: 96.01%
  • Mobile Slot: Yes
  • Online: Yes

Win one two big slot bonus features

The second feature is where the game gets a bit more thematic. It is known as the Trick or Treat Wheel Bonus.

It is triggered when you get at least three bonus symbols on the reels. You will then be taken to a wheel which you can spin. This will award you one of three bonuses:

  • Cash Prizes: nothing major, but cash is always going to be fun.
  • 9 Free Spins: throughout your free spins, the chances of getting those stacked characters will be a bit higher, which means more cash in your pocket.
  • Boogeyman Bonus: this is a terrifying feature. Click leaves to move closer and closer to the stairs for a cash bonus. Click the wrong leaf? Well, Mr. Myers is going to pop out of the screen (not literally, thankfully) and stab you.

The free spins are by far the better features in terms of real cash wins, but there’s something about that Boogeyman that leaves you with your spine tingling.

Is this Halloween slot a trick or treat?

Absolutely a treat. This is one of the best movie-themed slots that we have played in a good, long while.

Microgaming seems to prove repeatedly that they know how to do a licenses justice, much like they did with the Playboy Gold slot game.

We hope that a lot of companies start to throw Microgaming their properties over the coming years.

And whilst this Mr Myers may not be Canada’s (sorta) favourite son, this is one horror comeback we are happy to re-watch.

Just watch out for the fact that the minimum bet here is a hefty 0.50 a spin, so casual gamblers may need to look elsewhere (9 Payline Agent Jane Blonde maybe?) to bet lower.

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By TrueNorthSlots | Updated: Apr 25th 2018 | Rating 4.3